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Patron and guest comments

"My daughters have danced at AMSDS for 5 and 6 years, which has strengthened them in many ways: they are more confident, talented and poised. The recitals are an experience for the whole family. We really enjoy our time spent at the studio."

--- Sherri Rash

"Words can't express the gratitude and appreciation I have for Mrs. Ann Moody Sill. My granddaughter has been a student over 3 years and loves to come to her dance lessons. "

--- Antoinette James

"I have known Ann Moody Sill for over 35 years.


First, as one of Ann's students, then as a dancer in the studio's performing company, and now as a mother of a student in the Junior class; the studio remains like a second home: a place filled with friends and family.


For the past 11 years, my daughter has enjoyed dancing with friends she might never have made otherwise; girls from different schools come together and work together to bring joy to others through their performances in the community.


AMSDS is not about competition but about learning the art of dance and passing on the love of dance to others."

--- Holly Cooley

"My daughter has been dancing at AMS Dance Studio for 6 years and absolutely loves it. She has blossomed so much since she started dancing at the age of 3. Miss Ann and her staff are wonderful people---they love to teach these children. We can't wait to start each year."

--- Kerri Christiano

"...we have been with AMSDS for 6 years, and the staff has become like family... It's not just about 'my child' receiving awards or being number one, it's about the groups learning to work together as a team, knowing that sometimes you could be chosen to lead but not always. It's about the students learning that you don't have to wear booty shorts and dance like an MTV music video to receive recognition.


Ms. Ann teaches traditional dance, which is what I pay for her to do. I don't pay her to tell me what I want to hear, I pay her to run a dance studio and teach our children technical dance skills, with the added bonus of her exhibiting strong moral decisions on how our children are presenting themselves.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a non-competitive dance school in the area, this one is the best... After [42] years in business, Ms. Ann must be doing something right, which is teaching an art to the students... For that, and for those students who work so very hard and flourish in their love of dance, I am proud."

--- "Proud AMSDS Mom"

"I have been taking my child to AMSDS for many years, and have nothing but praise for Ann and her staff. The school is NOT a competetive dance studio, and they make that clear on their website. We have been to many dance workshops and competitions, and frankly I am appalled at what these other studios are teaching the kids. Ann Sill has been in this business for [many] years, so she must be doing something right.


I would rather sink my money into a dance school where I know my child is learning more than "how to get to the top" or "bump and grind"... Go Miss Ann! You are doing a great job."

--- "Speaking from Experience"

"This place is amazing! The choreography is unbelievable. A friend of mine has a daughter that goes here and I went to their jazz dance recital as a supportive friend. Quality dancing and quality studio. It is obvious Ann has great teachers and wonderful students."

--- Ashlie Langston

"My daughter was taught by Ann Moody for several years and I was very pleased with what she learned and the professionlism shown by Ann and her staff. Her rates are very comparable and well worth the money. The recitals are outstanding, and help children learn discipline and to perfom in front of audiences."

--- "S.W."